Lindsay Lohan


I thought Lindsay Lohan would be a very appropriate person for one of my last blog posts of the semester. Her life has been in shambles for many years now, and for me to critique it is an absolute pleasure.

She first began her life as a mainstream actress in the Disney re-make of “The Parent Trap”, in which she played both twins, one being with a British accent. The film became an instant classic, and I for one still enjoy the movie and watch it on occasion. After this rise to fame, Lohan starred in some minor Disney Channel movies.

In 2003, Lohan starred in the remake of “Freaky Friday” opposite of Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie did alright in the box office, but again was a typical disney movie. In 2004, Lohan added much more fame to her resume by starring in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” and the ICONIC “Mean Girls”. The latter is one of the most quoted movies and will go down in history as the ultimate high school flick. “Herbie Fully Loaded” was another remake this actress participated in. It did not do too well at the box office, like many of her previous movies. In 2007, Lohan starred along with Chris Pine in yet another unsuccessful movie, “Just My Luck”.

In addition to her film career, Lohan produced two studio albums that were successful enough to make her think singing was a good idea (which it wasn’t).

In 2009, Lohan’s legal problems began with a DUI. She ended up not appearing in court and had to do a probation period, in which she did not complete her terms and had it extended to a year. After her probation period in which she failed to attend mandatory classes, she was mandated to attend a rehab program which caused her to lose a minor film role. The rest of 2010 was spent in court proceedings, eventual  jail time for the young “actress”, a brief rehab stint, and many failed drug tests which resulted in more probation time. She is now currently dealing with the consequences of shoplifting, which she committed in 2011.

LiLo is seriously a hot mess and a half. She really just needs to calm down with the illegal acts. Her drug and alcohol consumption is not at a good level (obviously). I think that if Lindsay Lohan got her act together, she could be successful. That is not to say that it will ever happen, especially with the past she has. LiLo, please get it together.


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