Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes is known as that spunky little girl from the 90s and early 2000s who had her start as a young comedic genius on Nickelodeon. She first got her start in comedy camps, which allowed her to be known in comedic circles. She began to appear on television in commercials, and then onto Nickelodeon.

Her first show was “Figure it Out” which starred kids who had odd talents or hobbies and a panel of “celebrities” had to figure out what it was with only a few clues. She then starred in a “Saturday Night Live” – like comedy show on Nickelodeon called “All That”, which she participated in for three seasons. Soon enough, Bynes had a fan following like none other and started her own comedy sketch show.

“The Amanda Show” started in 1999 and lasted through 2002. This show was similar to “All That” in that it had many different funny sketches rolled up into one show, in which almost all of them starred Bynes. She also incorporated Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who also had their start on “All That”. When this television stint ended, Bynes started working in film.

Her first somewhat popular movie was the Nickelodeon film “Big Fat Liar” in which she co-starred with Frankie Muniz. After this movie did not do amazingly in the box office, Bynes went back to television to star Jennie Garth in the popular CW show “What I Like About You”, which she appeared in for 4 years.

Bynes went back to movies after her television appearances starring in the incredibly popuar “She’s the Man” which not only gave her more fame, but kick-started the ever amazing Channing Tatum’s career. Bynes followed this movie with the re-make of the movie/musical “Hairspray”, “Sydney White”, a Snow White-like story about a college freshman trying to find her place in college, and then a small role in “Easy A” as a Jesus-loving high school student who is one of the most judgmental and fake people portrayed in a movie.

In 2010, Bynes stated that she did not enjoy acting anymore and has been on a hiatus ever since. Recently she has come across entertainment headlines by receiving  a DUI and side-swiping a police car. In her mug shot, the girl had purple hair…. PURPLE! She then got into 3 different car accidents and in late 2012, she had her license suspended. She also has gotten a lot of attention from her twitter page, which is not even certified, so it could be just some random person who is really obsessed with Amanda Bynes… which is strange.

Amanda, for the sake of all your fans from the 90s, PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER!!! You were so funny and great. We all appreciated your humor and quirkiness. You also were great in “She’s The Man”. Seriously, if Bynes were to star in another movie like that one, she would be back on the scene in an instant.


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