The Teen Mom Cast


This week I want to dip into something a little different: reality television. Yes I have talking about the Kardashian/Jenner clan in a previous post, but they were famous before their show, at least a little famous. These four women pictured above are famous solely because they had children at a VERY young age. MTV used this unfortunate event in their lives to make a television show, which can be seen as exploitation, but I am not going to go into that right now.

The first mom pictured: Amber Portwood. This young woman got pregnant at the age of 16 by boyfriend Gary SHirley who she had been  dating for two and a half years at that point. She ended up having her daughter and keeping her, naming her Leah. Shirley and Portwood then began their rocky relationship as engaged and then not together and then sort of together and then back together then back to engaged and then kind of together and so on. The two lived together for brief off and on periods as well. In seasons one and two of the show, Portwood is seen as abusive and child services steps in to take care of Leah, granting Gary a majority of the custody. A few months later, it comes to light that Portwood was even more abusive and had been doing some major life-threatening drugs. This caused her to have a five year prison sentence, along with some rehab time. She is currently serving out this sentence while Shirley takes care of their five year old daughter. Hope you’re having fun in prison Amber.

The next young woman pictured would be Farrah Abraham. This one is definitely a story for the books. Sixteen year old Abraham got pregnant by her long time boyfriend that was not mentioned often in the show. It came to the viewers’ attentions that her boyfriend had died in a car accident not long after she found out she was pregnant with her daughter. Alone and mourning the loss of her boyfriend and baby daddy, she started dating men while pregnant. She also took full advantage of her mother and father while pregnant and while starring on Teen Mom. She was constantly whining about how she was not treated fairly and how her parents “annoyed her” when they were paying for everything for Abraham and her daughter (not just paying for them but doting on them hand and foot). Abraham began a modeling career when her daughter was just a year old, which prompted her to get breast enhancement surgery and to leaver her daughter in the care and custody of her mother and father. Finally Abraham realized that she wanted her daughter in her life and the two moved to Florida where they have been living for the past year and a half. Now Abraham is making headlines because of her alleged sex tape she has that is causing quite a stir in that *ahem* market. She is taking her daughter to negotiation deals and is trying to make a profit with it. All power to you Farrah.

Next we have Catelynn Lowell. She and boyfriend Tyler Baltierra decided to give their daughter up for adoption after realizing that they couldn’t give her everything that she deserved. They hand picked a family for her and remain close to the couple. Baltierra and Lowell are currently engaged and have plans to marry this summer. This is one young couple who have it figured out and know what’s best for them and their future.

Finally is Maci Bookout. Maci and boyfriend Ryan Edwards had their child while being the most popular teenagers in high school. They were the power couple that most teen movies are about nowadays (without the whole becoming pregnant part). The two had their son and named him Bentley (AKA the cutest child on the entire show). They moved in together and got engaged. After living together for just a few short months, Bookout realized that her fairytale high school romance had ended and Ryan was nothing like she thought he was. The two split and Bookout began starting a college career and working. Ryan on the other hand still lived with his parents and had his mom watch Bentley whenever he came over. Bookout began dating close friend Kyle, who Bentley adored and called Ky. They two broke up a few months ago and Bookout is believed to be single and taking care of her priorities.

Teen Mom is a franchise that has become completely ridiculous. These young people became famous because of a mistake. Now two out of four of them have become complete jokes. The show does have a good side in the fact that it does educate young people on the hardships of raising a child while still in your teens. But my argument to that is will teens start getting pregnant just so they can end up on Teen Mom and become famous? It is something to think about.


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