It’s Almost Summertime!

Downtown Columbia is a hotspot for most college students who attend the University of Missouri. All along 9th street businesses are thriving because of the student population. As it is almost time for the semester to come to a close, students are making plans to go back home for the summer. Many businesses realize that it will make their sales go down.

“We do get slower over the summertime but the warmer weather brings a lot of people downtown, so we pick up in that aspect. A lot of our associates are also students who go home for the summer so it kind of works well for us,” said Autumn Huinker, general manager of Panera Bread in downtown Columbia.

With less consumers, as well as employees, in the summertime employment cuts aren’t needed. Columbia’s downtown businesses will be back to their normal customer numbers in August when students will return for the fall semester.


The businesses along 9th street in downtown Columbia, MO might experience a consumer downshift in the coming summer months


Panera Bread in downtown Columbia will experience a smaller influx of customers, as well as a smaller employee force in the upcoming summer months.


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