Brad Pitt


No Mizzou student blog would be complete without a post dedicated to infamous former student Brad Pitt. Before he graduated from college (two weeks shy of it to be exact), Pitt was “discovered” and began his modeling and acting career. He first became a known face through the television series “Another World”, but was only cast for two episodes.

After that, he started appearing in the show “21 Jump Street” and then went on to act in movies and television shows that did not turn out to be so popular. His first role in a main film was in “Thelma and Louise” which allowed him to become one of the most attractive men in Hollywood. After this role, he started playing more popular roles, starring in films that made it big at the box office and rocketing to stardom to become the Brad Pitt we all know and love.

After years of dating co-stars, Pitt met Jennifer Aniston in 1998. After dating for two years, the couple married. As Pitt and Aniston became more involved in their careers, they both started starring in more and more movies. In 2005, Pitt and Aniston divorced and it became a HUGE Hollywood scandal. Aniston filed for divorce after learning that Pitt cheated on her with Angelina Jolie while filming the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

After the divorce, Pitt began dating Jolie instantly and she got pregnant with their first child. As the years went on, they had twins and adopted another child, making a total six children for the couple (Jolie had adopted two children before dating Pitt). They are now engaged and all of Hollywood is expecting a wedding from them at any time now.

Pitt is one of those actors that is incredibly talented. He can play the funny nice guy in a romantic comedy, while also playing the hero in an action flick. He is incredibly versatile. However, he completely took the public by surprise when Angelina Jolie popped into his life, ruining what looked like an incredible marriage. He has also gone through phases where he has had very long hair and a beard to match. Sometimes Pitt can look like a homeless man when he is one of the most wealthy in the acting world. Pitt should really look into some style tips for hair and clothing, while also assessing his choice in Jolie over Aniston (yes I am still bitter after 8 years).


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