Katy Parry



Katy Perry’s songs can be heard on any radio across the world. Her popularity is absolutely insane. She is the only female artist who has released five singles from one album that have all been number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. 

She first was introduced to the public through her single “I Kissed A Girl” in 2007. It instantly sparked media criticism and had many wondering if it was appropriate to be played through the radio waves. The attention from this song instantly had people talking, which upped her popularity even more. Her EP came out a few months later, followed by an album entitled “One of the Boys” which created her “Hello Katy Tour” in 2009. 

In late 2009, Perry met Russell Brand, who she dated and then married in 2010. After only a year and two months of dating, Brand filed for divorce. Perry says that the reason was because of a disagreement over starting a family. One would think that this talk would happen why before an engagement would happen, but hey, it’s Hollywood. 

In 2010, Perry produced her second album “Teenage Dream”. This album produced the five number one hits that had her make history. While touring on her “California Dreams Tour” Perry began filming her concert and biographical movie which was very popular at the box office. I personally was not a Katy Perry fan until I saw this movie. It was filmed during the time when she and Brand were on the outs and about to get a divorce. To see her success and popularity on the stage and then to see her emotional breakdown over her husband backstage was absolutely heart breaking. 

Perry is now said to be dating John Meyer and working on another album. She is a seriously talented person who has a very wide fan base. I think we have only scratched the surface on this singer and can expect many more number one singles from her. 


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