Tom Cruise



Tom Cruise has been on the Hollywood scene for many years now. His first main role was in “The Outsiders”, a movie based on the book by S.E. Hinton. He then went on to star in “Top Gun”, becoming a heartthrob for any woman watching. No one can forget his performance on Oprah’s couch a few years ago when he first began dating Katie Holmes. He is now starring in many action films, including his newest release “Jack Reacher”. 

Cruise has recently come under the media spotlight because of his divorce from Katie Holmes, which struck a huge religious debate. Cruise is a Scientologist. Many believe that this church is somewhat like a cult and Katie Holmes was trying to escape it by divorcing him. The same spotlight hit him when Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced. Cruise has always defended his faith no matter the scrutiny involved with it. 

Tom Cruise needs to focus on acting. He has been an actor for many years and still has what it takes. No matter what his religious affiliation is, he can be considered one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. He is very successful in most roles he plays and there aren’t any stories of him being hard to work with. With his divorce coming to a close, I believe that we can expect great things from Tom Cruise in the years to come. 


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