Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift has been singing every teenage girls love life since she started singing for her record label in 2006. Funny thing is, all of her songs are about men that she has dated in the past. Every fans’ favorite game when one of her albums comes out is to figure out who each song is about. Granted, not all of her songs bash her exes or are even about them (ex. “Long Live” from her Speak Now album is about her band), but the bulk of them are about past failed loves. 

I think that’s what makes her so relatable. Many girls go through the same relationship struggles and each would LOVE the chance to embarrass them through a song, have everyone know it was about him, and then make millions off of it. Swift has the right idea. 

However, who really wants their dirty laundry hanging through the radio waves? Also, after 7 years of this, Swift’s ex-boyfriend bashing is getting a little old. She goes through guys pretty quickly if you ask me. Right now she is single, which might be a good time for her to find out who she wants to be as an artist. 

Swift is still very young, only 23. She has so much time to reinvent herself and she has talent that not many people have, as well as a very strong fan base. She is also one of the few celebrities that is not bashed all the time by media outlets for her excessive partying, which she says does not happen. Her idea of a Friday night is hanging out at home and baking cookies, she has been quoted as saying. 

There is still so much potential for Swift and I have high hopes for her, as long as she gets her mind off those boys. 


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