Chris Brown. What is there to say about this R & B (sometimes Pop and Hip-Hop) artist. Well, for starters, he abused a woman. His then (and current) girlfriend, artist Rihanna, got into an argument with him in the fall of 2009 that escalated to violence that caused her to be checked in to a hospital. The next day, Brown turned himself in to the authorities. 

He ended up in court, and was sentenced to probation that included community service and domestic violence classes. Now, Brown and Rihanna are back together, which is very stupid on her part if you ask me. He also went on to sell more records than he has in years. 

He is now under a lot of pressure from both the media and the legal system because he has come out saying that he lied on the amount of community service hours he has done.

How is it that in the legal system we have today an innocent man can be on death row for years and years but Chris Brown, a somewhat talented celebrity, can beat up a woman and only get community service which he did not even complete. It happens with many celebrities that get caught doing something wrong and I find it completely ridiculous. They should be treated just like any other person that has been accused of committing a crime. 


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