Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift has been singing every teenage girls love life since she started singing for her record label in 2006. Funny thing is, all of her songs are about men that she has dated in the past. Every fans’ favorite game when one of her albums comes out is to figure out who each song is about. Granted, not all of her songs bash her exes or are even about them (ex. “Long Live” from her Speak Now album is about her band), but the bulk of them are about past failed loves. 

I think that’s what makes her so relatable. Many girls go through the same relationship struggles and each would LOVE the chance to embarrass them through a song, have everyone know it was about him, and then make millions off of it. Swift has the right idea. 

However, who really wants their dirty laundry hanging through the radio waves? Also, after 7 years of this, Swift’s ex-boyfriend bashing is getting a little old. She goes through guys pretty quickly if you ask me. Right now she is single, which might be a good time for her to find out who she wants to be as an artist. 

Swift is still very young, only 23. She has so much time to reinvent herself and she has talent that not many people have, as well as a very strong fan base. She is also one of the few celebrities that is not bashed all the time by media outlets for her excessive partying, which she says does not happen. Her idea of a Friday night is hanging out at home and baking cookies, she has been quoted as saying. 

There is still so much potential for Swift and I have high hopes for her, as long as she gets her mind off those boys. 


Beyonce Knowles


Beyonce Knowles is known for being a founding member of Destiny’s Child, as well as being one of the most talented female singers in the world. She has crossed genres from R & B to soul to hip hop to pop, allowing anyone to be a fan. She also was an actress in the successful movie “Dreamgirls”, co-starring with Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Foxx.

She has recently come under close scrutiny for the lip-synching scandal that occurred at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama, after lip-syncing the national anthem. She then regained her good standing in the entertainment media when she did a stellar performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, which had fans talking for days. Beyonce has just announced her new tour that is sure to be sold out within seconds of tickets going up.

I think that Beyonce has the whole celebrity thing down pat. She has a good marriage to Jay-Z who she dated for a very long time before she married him. She has a child named Blue Ivy, who has not been seen in the tabloids minimally since she has been born. Beyonce keeps her personal life very private. I think other celebrities should take notes on how she lives her life, but if they do that who am I going to critique?!



Chris Brown. What is there to say about this R & B (sometimes Pop and Hip-Hop) artist. Well, for starters, he abused a woman. His then (and current) girlfriend, artist Rihanna, got into an argument with him in the fall of 2009 that escalated to violence that caused her to be checked in to a hospital. The next day, Brown turned himself in to the authorities. 

He ended up in court, and was sentenced to probation that included community service and domestic violence classes. Now, Brown and Rihanna are back together, which is very stupid on her part if you ask me. He also went on to sell more records than he has in years. 

He is now under a lot of pressure from both the media and the legal system because he has come out saying that he lied on the amount of community service hours he has done.

How is it that in the legal system we have today an innocent man can be on death row for years and years but Chris Brown, a somewhat talented celebrity, can beat up a woman and only get community service which he did not even complete. It happens with many celebrities that get caught doing something wrong and I find it completely ridiculous. They should be treated just like any other person that has been accused of committing a crime. 

The Kardashians/ Jenners



This Week’s topic: The Kardashian/ Jenner clan that the E! channel has made a hit show of. My question is how did these people actually get famous enough to have a reality show? 

I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy watching this show for entertainment value. The things this family goes through, such as Kim’s 72-day long marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, Kourtney having two children with a man she has no plan to marry, Khloe getting married to a man who she had only known for four months, Rob’s search for a home, or Kendall and Kylie’s scheme to trick their mom into home-schooling them because their modeling career was just too much for them to handle along with going to a normal school. 

My only guess to the question I asked above is that the Kardashian patriarch, the late Robert Kardashian, gave ex-wife Kris the opportunity to climb the Hollywood social ladder by being a member of O.J. Simpson’s legal team. After Kris divorced Robert, she dated and later married Olympian Bruce Jenner. 

With the well-known gold-medalist by her side and her B-list social status, Kris started marketing her daughters. Kim became friends with Paris Hilton and started modeling. Kim’s sisters Kourtney and Khloe went to college instead and after, the three started their own store called Dash. Kris helped with the marketing and managing of the successful business. 

No one is really sure how the family got a reality show, but when they did, the money started raking in. Their lifestyle became drastically different, i.e. the cars they drive and the house they live in became extravagant. 

Now, almost every member of the family has their own show, in addition to “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Khloe has her show with husband NBA player Lamar Odom and Kourtney and Kim have their own where they “take Miami”. There are rumors going around that the two youngest of the clan, Kylie and Kendall, might have their very own spin off as well. 

This family needs to stop making television shows. They should just have their own channel like Oprah. All I can say is I hope they enjoy their lives in the spotlight because as soon as their shows are cancelled, they will be a thing of the past.