Justin Bieber

Hello, Everyone! Each week I will be picking a new celebrity to write a little something on. This week’s topic, Justin Bieber. Known to most tween-aged girls (heck pretty much every girl under the age of 20), Bieber,18, is a pop singer who knows the words to every fan’s heart. 

Recently, he has come under fire from the media for being caught with marijuana, having his car be involved in the killing of a photographer, beating up his ex-body guard, and now for “assaulting” a woman with a Nerf gun pellet.

If you ask me, Bieber is being unnecessarily attacked by many different people. I am not a huge fan of his, but come on people. Assaulting with a Nerf gun and he could face charges for that? It’s getting a little ridiculous. Bieber has constantly been a topic of the media ever since he came on the scene as a 13 year old youtube sensation. 

In my opinion, this kid is not worth all the attention he is getting. His music is not that fabulous and he will be replaced by someone else in just a few short years. There is something about him, however, that completely grabs the attention of the public. Image

Photo found on Google Images



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