End of the Semester

As the semester comes to a close, I wanted to take the time to write about my love for journalism, as well as the great time I had in this Multimedia class.

Through this blog, I have recognized the importance of truth. Yes, I was just writing about celebrities, but if I didn’t have the facts of their lives correct, what good is the critique? None at all.

Showing the truth is a huge, huge aspect of journalism, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Displaying the cold hard facts of a story to the public, whether it be the biggest scandal to hit American history or just the daily weather report, journalists have to be truthful.

This love of truth leads me to my explanation for my love of this topic. I realized my interest in news when I was in 8th grade. I was a typical middle school student in Virginia, just waiting to start high school when something incredible happened that had a big impact on many of my classmates: the Virginia Tech shooting. When more information came to light, I could not take my eyes off the television screen.

As I began to do my own personal research on the horrible shootings, I came across the Columbine tragedy, and many other high profile crimes. Needless to say, I became obsessed with the way these crimes were portrayed to the public through news organizations. It was intriguing for me to see how different media outlets showed and said different things about the same stories.

My passion for the news stuck with me throughout high school, causing me to realize that I wanted to be a crime reporter for a paper or television. I just wanted to learn more about every criminal story there was out there.

This past year, my goal in life changed as I went through my news writing class and Multimedia class. I figured out that I wanted to control what was being put on the news and how people are going to see it. I decided that I wanted to be a news producer.

When tragedies in the world strike, the first thing I do is turn on the news. I flip through different channels to see each one’s focus and make a critique of what they could do better or how they could change it. It is truly amazing to me that I have the ability to know what is good journalism and what isn’t just through going to this school for two years. Sure, I am still pretty new at it, but I am so happy that I have found what I want to do with my life through what I have learned.

Journalism is a constantly changing field. There is always something out there that can be reported on. In addition, the way we report is becoming completely different. Twitter is absolutely amazing. I had no idea the power it could have until I took this Multimedia class. I found myself looking at it all the time and retweeting news organizations constantly (I went a little overboard when the Boston Marathon bombings happened, but hey you can never have too much information). Facebook and other resources have this same power. It is absolutely enthralling.

I still have two more years to learn more about broadcast news and producing and I cannot wait. Thanks for an amazing semester Multimedia. It’s been real. 


Lindsay Lohan


I thought Lindsay Lohan would be a very appropriate person for one of my last blog posts of the semester. Her life has been in shambles for many years now, and for me to critique it is an absolute pleasure.

She first began her life as a mainstream actress in the Disney re-make of “The Parent Trap”, in which she played both twins, one being with a British accent. The film became an instant classic, and I for one still enjoy the movie and watch it on occasion. After this rise to fame, Lohan starred in some minor Disney Channel movies.

In 2003, Lohan starred in the remake of “Freaky Friday” opposite of Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie did alright in the box office, but again was a typical disney movie. In 2004, Lohan added much more fame to her resume by starring in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” and the ICONIC “Mean Girls”. The latter is one of the most quoted movies and will go down in history as the ultimate high school flick. “Herbie Fully Loaded” was another remake this actress participated in. It did not do too well at the box office, like many of her previous movies. In 2007, Lohan starred along with Chris Pine in yet another unsuccessful movie, “Just My Luck”.

In addition to her film career, Lohan produced two studio albums that were successful enough to make her think singing was a good idea (which it wasn’t).

In 2009, Lohan’s legal problems began with a DUI. She ended up not appearing in court and had to do a probation period, in which she did not complete her terms and had it extended to a year. After her probation period in which she failed to attend mandatory classes, she was mandated to attend a rehab program which caused her to lose a minor film role. The rest of 2010 was spent in court proceedings, eventual  jail time for the young “actress”, a brief rehab stint, and many failed drug tests which resulted in more probation time. She is now currently dealing with the consequences of shoplifting, which she committed in 2011.

LiLo is seriously a hot mess and a half. She really just needs to calm down with the illegal acts. Her drug and alcohol consumption is not at a good level (obviously). I think that if Lindsay Lohan got her act together, she could be successful. That is not to say that it will ever happen, especially with the past she has. LiLo, please get it together.

Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes is known as that spunky little girl from the 90s and early 2000s who had her start as a young comedic genius on Nickelodeon. She first got her start in comedy camps, which allowed her to be known in comedic circles. She began to appear on television in commercials, and then onto Nickelodeon.

Her first show was “Figure it Out” which starred kids who had odd talents or hobbies and a panel of “celebrities” had to figure out what it was with only a few clues. She then starred in a “Saturday Night Live” – like comedy show on Nickelodeon called “All That”, which she participated in for three seasons. Soon enough, Bynes had a fan following like none other and started her own comedy sketch show.

“The Amanda Show” started in 1999 and lasted through 2002. This show was similar to “All That” in that it had many different funny sketches rolled up into one show, in which almost all of them starred Bynes. She also incorporated Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who also had their start on “All That”. When this television stint ended, Bynes started working in film.

Her first somewhat popular movie was the Nickelodeon film “Big Fat Liar” in which she co-starred with Frankie Muniz. After this movie did not do amazingly in the box office, Bynes went back to television to star Jennie Garth in the popular CW show “What I Like About You”, which she appeared in for 4 years.

Bynes went back to movies after her television appearances starring in the incredibly popuar “She’s the Man” which not only gave her more fame, but kick-started the ever amazing Channing Tatum’s career. Bynes followed this movie with the re-make of the movie/musical “Hairspray”, “Sydney White”, a Snow White-like story about a college freshman trying to find her place in college, and then a small role in “Easy A” as a Jesus-loving high school student who is one of the most judgmental and fake people portrayed in a movie.

In 2010, Bynes stated that she did not enjoy acting anymore and has been on a hiatus ever since. Recently she has come across entertainment headlines by receiving  a DUI and side-swiping a police car. In her mug shot, the girl had purple hair…. PURPLE! She then got into 3 different car accidents and in late 2012, she had her license suspended. She also has gotten a lot of attention from her twitter page, which is not even certified, so it could be just some random person who is really obsessed with Amanda Bynes… which is strange.

Amanda, for the sake of all your fans from the 90s, PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER!!! You were so funny and great. We all appreciated your humor and quirkiness. You also were great in “She’s The Man”. Seriously, if Bynes were to star in another movie like that one, she would be back on the scene in an instant.

The Teen Mom Cast


This week I want to dip into something a little different: reality television. Yes I have talking about the Kardashian/Jenner clan in a previous post, but they were famous before their show, at least a little famous. These four women pictured above are famous solely because they had children at a VERY young age. MTV used this unfortunate event in their lives to make a television show, which can be seen as exploitation, but I am not going to go into that right now.

The first mom pictured: Amber Portwood. This young woman got pregnant at the age of 16 by boyfriend Gary SHirley who she had been  dating for two and a half years at that point. She ended up having her daughter and keeping her, naming her Leah. Shirley and Portwood then began their rocky relationship as engaged and then not together and then sort of together and then back together then back to engaged and then kind of together and so on. The two lived together for brief off and on periods as well. In seasons one and two of the show, Portwood is seen as abusive and child services steps in to take care of Leah, granting Gary a majority of the custody. A few months later, it comes to light that Portwood was even more abusive and had been doing some major life-threatening drugs. This caused her to have a five year prison sentence, along with some rehab time. She is currently serving out this sentence while Shirley takes care of their five year old daughter. Hope you’re having fun in prison Amber.

The next young woman pictured would be Farrah Abraham. This one is definitely a story for the books. Sixteen year old Abraham got pregnant by her long time boyfriend that was not mentioned often in the show. It came to the viewers’ attentions that her boyfriend had died in a car accident not long after she found out she was pregnant with her daughter. Alone and mourning the loss of her boyfriend and baby daddy, she started dating men while pregnant. She also took full advantage of her mother and father while pregnant and while starring on Teen Mom. She was constantly whining about how she was not treated fairly and how her parents “annoyed her” when they were paying for everything for Abraham and her daughter (not just paying for them but doting on them hand and foot). Abraham began a modeling career when her daughter was just a year old, which prompted her to get breast enhancement surgery and to leaver her daughter in the care and custody of her mother and father. Finally Abraham realized that she wanted her daughter in her life and the two moved to Florida where they have been living for the past year and a half. Now Abraham is making headlines because of her alleged sex tape she has that is causing quite a stir in that *ahem* market. She is taking her daughter to negotiation deals and is trying to make a profit with it. All power to you Farrah.

Next we have Catelynn Lowell. She and boyfriend Tyler Baltierra decided to give their daughter up for adoption after realizing that they couldn’t give her everything that she deserved. They hand picked a family for her and remain close to the couple. Baltierra and Lowell are currently engaged and have plans to marry this summer. This is one young couple who have it figured out and know what’s best for them and their future.

Finally is Maci Bookout. Maci and boyfriend Ryan Edwards had their child while being the most popular teenagers in high school. They were the power couple that most teen movies are about nowadays (without the whole becoming pregnant part). The two had their son and named him Bentley (AKA the cutest child on the entire show). They moved in together and got engaged. After living together for just a few short months, Bookout realized that her fairytale high school romance had ended and Ryan was nothing like she thought he was. The two split and Bookout began starting a college career and working. Ryan on the other hand still lived with his parents and had his mom watch Bentley whenever he came over. Bookout began dating close friend Kyle, who Bentley adored and called Ky. They two broke up a few months ago and Bookout is believed to be single and taking care of her priorities.

Teen Mom is a franchise that has become completely ridiculous. These young people became famous because of a mistake. Now two out of four of them have become complete jokes. The show does have a good side in the fact that it does educate young people on the hardships of raising a child while still in your teens. But my argument to that is will teens start getting pregnant just so they can end up on Teen Mom and become famous? It is something to think about.

It’s Almost Summertime!

Downtown Columbia is a hotspot for most college students who attend the University of Missouri. All along 9th street businesses are thriving because of the student population. As it is almost time for the semester to come to a close, students are making plans to go back home for the summer. Many businesses realize that it will make their sales go down.

“We do get slower over the summertime but the warmer weather brings a lot of people downtown, so we pick up in that aspect. A lot of our associates are also students who go home for the summer so it kind of works well for us,” said Autumn Huinker, general manager of Panera Bread in downtown Columbia.

With less consumers, as well as employees, in the summertime employment cuts aren’t needed. Columbia’s downtown businesses will be back to their normal customer numbers in August when students will return for the fall semester.


The businesses along 9th street in downtown Columbia, MO might experience a consumer downshift in the coming summer months


Panera Bread in downtown Columbia will experience a smaller influx of customers, as well as a smaller employee force in the upcoming summer months.

Brad Pitt


No Mizzou student blog would be complete without a post dedicated to infamous former student Brad Pitt. Before he graduated from college (two weeks shy of it to be exact), Pitt was “discovered” and began his modeling and acting career. He first became a known face through the television series “Another World”, but was only cast for two episodes.

After that, he started appearing in the show “21 Jump Street” and then went on to act in movies and television shows that did not turn out to be so popular. His first role in a main film was in “Thelma and Louise” which allowed him to become one of the most attractive men in Hollywood. After this role, he started playing more popular roles, starring in films that made it big at the box office and rocketing to stardom to become the Brad Pitt we all know and love.

After years of dating co-stars, Pitt met Jennifer Aniston in 1998. After dating for two years, the couple married. As Pitt and Aniston became more involved in their careers, they both started starring in more and more movies. In 2005, Pitt and Aniston divorced and it became a HUGE Hollywood scandal. Aniston filed for divorce after learning that Pitt cheated on her with Angelina Jolie while filming the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

After the divorce, Pitt began dating Jolie instantly and she got pregnant with their first child. As the years went on, they had twins and adopted another child, making a total six children for the couple (Jolie had adopted two children before dating Pitt). They are now engaged and all of Hollywood is expecting a wedding from them at any time now.

Pitt is one of those actors that is incredibly talented. He can play the funny nice guy in a romantic comedy, while also playing the hero in an action flick. He is incredibly versatile. However, he completely took the public by surprise when Angelina Jolie popped into his life, ruining what looked like an incredible marriage. He has also gone through phases where he has had very long hair and a beard to match. Sometimes Pitt can look like a homeless man when he is one of the most wealthy in the acting world. Pitt should really look into some style tips for hair and clothing, while also assessing his choice in Jolie over Aniston (yes I am still bitter after 8 years).

Britney Spears



It’s Britney Spears. One of the most famous 90’s and early 2000’s pop superstars. Since she was 16, this woman has topped the charts with her many hits that include “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” and “‘Till The World Ends”. Even though she did go through a lull in music, she is still one of the most popular female recording artists in the world. 

Spears became famous through the Mickey Mouse Club television show where she starred alongside Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. When she turned 16, her first single came out and rocketed her to instant stardom. By the time she was 22, she had three studio albums and had starred in a movie. 

2004 was the year that made Spears go down hill in the media scene. She was in Vegas with one of her male friends (not her boyfriend) whom she had known since childhood. The two decided to get married after a night of drinking. The marriage was annulled within 72 hours. Later that year, Spears married backup dancer Kevin Federline after knowing him only a few months. The couple went on to have two children and then divorced in 2006. 

After her divorce, Spears began a downward spiral. She decided to shave her head and then went on a rampage, in which she broke a car window with an umbrella. Later that year she lost custody of her children. In 2007, Spears released her fifth album, Blackout, which had a very different sound than her previous albums. 

In 2008, Spears spent a second time in rehab after police found her under the influence of drugs, which caused her to lose custody of her children once more. She released her sixth album in late 2008, which caused her to gain even more fame. In 2011, her seventh album was released, giving her another world tour. 

In 2012, Spears was offered a position as a judge on the American “X-Factor”. She did one season and will not return for another. She is currently working on another album, and trying to get her romantic life together after ending her relationship with her fiancee. 

I think Britney Spears is a legitimate crazy lady. She has talent yes, but she has been in the spotlight since she was a very young child, which can definitely corrupt a person in the future. As long as she keeps having a new boyfriend every few months and jumping from music to TV she is not going to be able to get her life straight. Britney needs to take a long vacation to think about what she is going to do with the next stage of her career. 

Katy Parry



Katy Perry’s songs can be heard on any radio across the world. Her popularity is absolutely insane. She is the only female artist who has released five singles from one album that have all been number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. 

She first was introduced to the public through her single “I Kissed A Girl” in 2007. It instantly sparked media criticism and had many wondering if it was appropriate to be played through the radio waves. The attention from this song instantly had people talking, which upped her popularity even more. Her EP came out a few months later, followed by an album entitled “One of the Boys” which created her “Hello Katy Tour” in 2009. 

In late 2009, Perry met Russell Brand, who she dated and then married in 2010. After only a year and two months of dating, Brand filed for divorce. Perry says that the reason was because of a disagreement over starting a family. One would think that this talk would happen why before an engagement would happen, but hey, it’s Hollywood. 

In 2010, Perry produced her second album “Teenage Dream”. This album produced the five number one hits that had her make history. While touring on her “California Dreams Tour” Perry began filming her concert and biographical movie which was very popular at the box office. I personally was not a Katy Perry fan until I saw this movie. It was filmed during the time when she and Brand were on the outs and about to get a divorce. To see her success and popularity on the stage and then to see her emotional breakdown over her husband backstage was absolutely heart breaking. 

Perry is now said to be dating John Meyer and working on another album. She is a seriously talented person who has a very wide fan base. I think we have only scratched the surface on this singer and can expect many more number one singles from her. 

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous 20 year olds  in the world. She is known for being a part of the Hannah Montana franchise run by Disney. Before that, the only reason people would know who she was would be because of her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley began her career twelve years ago when she appeared in the TV series “Doc”. That show was short-lived. She then went on to have a small role in the 2003 film “Big Fish”. 2006 was the year that changed everything for Cyrus. She was casted to play Hannah Montana, a famous singer who leads two lives, one of Hannah Montana and the other of Miley Stewart who is a normal girl going to school. Miley fools everyone by wearing a blonde wig when performing as Hannah. Cyrus’s dad is also cast in the show as Robbie Ray Stewart.

The show was instantly a Disney sensation, producing four studio albums based off the show, one based on the concert movie that was released in 2008, and one more based on Hannah Montana, The Movie in 2010. As the Hannah Montana came to a close in 2011, fans around the world were heartbroken, and I was one of them.

Cyrus’s interest in music did not stop there. When she was playing Hannah Montana, she released a solo album that was entirely Miley. It was an instant hit, especially with Hannah Montana fans. When Hannah Montana ended, Cyrus started to show a more edgy side and produced an album with the title “Can’t be Tamed”. Many criticized Cyrus for it saying that she should appeal to her younger fan base. I believe that Cyrus just needed to grow up and separate herself from Hannah Montana.

Cyrus then broke into the movie scene by starring in “The Last Song” with Liam Hemsworth and Greg Kinnear. While on the set, Hemsworth and Cyrus started dating. The pair are still together and engaged after three years. Cyrus has recently come under media scrutiny for cutting her hair really short and dying it blonde, along with not wearing her engagement ring, however she has announced that everything with her fiancee is fine and they will be married at some point.

Right now, Cyrus is working on a solo album in hopes to have it out within the next year. It will be edgy and it will express Miley in a way that she has not been able to do before. I think Miley will be successful with her next album, but she should stick to the acting scene. Most of her movies and her Hannah Montana franchise have been very, very successful. I think that whatever Miley does, whether it be musically or otherwise, fans will like it. However, she does need to clean up her visible edginess. Fans were very put off by her hair changes and her partying without her engagement ring on. If she cleans it up just a little, she will be one of the most successful young women in Hollywood.

Justin Timberlake



Justin Timberlake first began stealing the hearts of ’80s and ’90s tweens when he became a member of the New Mickey Mouse Club and then went on to become a frontman for the boy band ‘N Sync  in 1995. He then went on to a solo career and is now acting. 

Timberlake recently got married to long-time girlfriend Jessica Biel, after dating the hottest A-List stars that included Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz, just before announcing that he is going to be putting out a new album after almost 7 years. Any album of his is always anticipated, especially when he waits a long time to produce one. 

In my opinion, the reason he is liked so much is because he is so relatable. He has that boy next door attitude, and is hilarious, which he has demonstrated very well in his five times that he has been on Saturday Night Live. Now take into account the fact that he is one of the most attractive men in Hollywood. Justin Timberlake has it all.

He is not seen out many times and the one time he had negative public reaction was at Super Bowl XXXVIII when he performed with Janet Jackson. Timberlake “accidentally” ripped part of Jackson’s shirt in the chest area and exposed her for all the world to see. 

Since then, he has really cleaned himself up. He has a wonderful married life to look forward to and a fantastic career ahead of him.